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Good game, but blamed the weirdness of lilith on the Japanese instead of the Jewish (this isn't some conspiracy stuff, there was a lilith in Judaism as Adam's first wife (yes eve originally wasn't the first) and you can easily find parallels that explain nearly all confusing parts with a bit of theological study) 

aye is this game planned for the android platform soon?

Yes, I'm planning to make an android version ^^

NICE 👌, welp I'll be waiting for updates



Here cause of Killer7, he rated your game, so now i wanna check it out :)


Hopefully, you will not be disappointed ^^


Wow! This is easily some of the best screenplay and animation work I've seen in all the RenPy+HoneySelect games I've played so far!

Keep it up!! Really wanna see how things play out with protag and the club!


Thank you ^^

I'm working on it!


Hey Devil's Dad!

I really love the visuals of this game. What did you use to create them?


Thank you for your kind words ^^
I'm using Honey Select created by Illusion.

SO I got to the Meeting in the club room.. when they are deciding to pick a theme .. the destiny girl appeared and the game ended.. is that the end of the current version of the Game or did i get a bad ending ? :)

Thank you for playing my game!

And yes, that's it for 0.1 version. I'm working on the next update, you can always check my patreon for any game related news! ;)

Cool thanks :)

What dis game about ? Dating ?

This game is all about romance and 18+ ;)


This game is so good, but i need more hot scene, hope forthcoming update will have more hot scene and free, hope u reply


Thank you for your attention!

I'm glad you liked my game, there will be free updates in the future. 

Any game-related news will be posted on my patreon!


hello i tried playing this on mac and i got this just wanted to let you know and its cool if im not able to play it for some reason 

p.s yes my usb name is just NIGG-

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Hello there, the game works perfectly on other devices with Mac installed.

From what I've gathered on this case, there is few steps to solve it, try to:

1. running the game off your hard drive directly

2. re-downloading the game files (we've uploaded a new Mac version that uses the latest version of the game's engine)

3. running the .exe through Wine (this was the other case we found's solution)


thank you for responding it seems you cannot run it off of a usb thank you i will give you my feedback after ive played it :)


i loved it the characters are great the idea is great and i love the game will definitely be checking for updates daily :)

Thank you for your time!

I'll post free updates on this site, but my focus mostly on patreon and f95.

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Hello there this is what you do when game doesnt work on mac

Step 1:

On desktop create a new folder

Step 2:

Right click (press with 2 fingers) the game you want to work, and click "show package content"

Step 3:

Command C the content folder and paste it in the newly created folder (the one i told you to make)

Step 4: Rename To (whatever your game is called .app [Now it should work]

Thank you!

I hope this will help those who are having trouble starting the game.