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Damn i need more, i loved the game!

Decided to pop in to see how dad o devil has been and I'm kind of surprised, I had the impression the game was dead since I hadn't seen an update for the better part of a year, glad to see your still kicking.


Rework taking a lot of time, but I'm not dead :)

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It might be a little pedantic of me but i don't like how the other students call the teacher just "Helen" instead of "Ms. Helen". Sounds out of place to me.


 She asks them to do that

Does everyone have the same ending?


Date with Yui is the end of current content :)

Might I ask when the new update is coming out? I need more. lol


I don't make ETA's because it's impossible to say, but I always work on it ^^
You can see the progress bar just above of the comments, or read the latest important posts on Patreon.

I need more this was an extremely fun game

Glad you liked it!

just finish the game just a few days ago graphics is good especially the character design waiting for upcoming update btw may i ask how many devs making this game?

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I'm the only one, character design is made by me, but my girlfriend Axsens is helping me with its general game design and in many other ways :)

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Overall, super good and enjoyable, the character design is cute and charming, unique personalities, and exciting erotic scenes specially when Sophie tried to play as a kitten and at the current ending with Yui. I already can't wait for the upcoming update that will be having in the future.

And also can i get the song title and artist name when Sophie sang a song at the Karaoke. Please? Cause i forgot to screen shot hahahhahahah

Glad you liked it ^^

The song is Orange by Aoi Okutsu.

It's also available in the gallery :)

Thank you, dev.

Just created an account to comment, i have made it at the current end though i have to get some shinigami scenes to unlock, Anyways good work and i'll keep supporting it! i'll share this with some friends, Can't wait for the next update DD!!


Glad you liked the game!
Sadly, update takes a long time to develop, but I'm working on it ^^

I love this game and I cannot wait for the next updates!! 

Glad you liked it!

how many girls?


Helen, Sophie, Liz, Yui, Ami, Kate, Shinigami ;)

I find this to be enjoyable. no clue how far I am into it. I think it is definitely worth the time I have put in. 


Glad you liked it! And thank you for the support ^^

The fact the devs has responded to most of the comments I've seen tells me this game is going to be the good stuff

Enjoy ^^


Had to delete this one.

Would have liked to see it completed, but as is customary with most devs this one also went back and decided to spend over a year remaking everything rather than adding anything of value and substance with no end in sight.




If you look at the current version, you can see a great quality difference between the early scenes and the later scenes. If the early scenes get only half of that polish, the remake has added enough value to justify the wait.

I will admit that I have seen some disappointing remakes on itch, one in particular that barely improved animations, reduced content, and rewrote the characters to remove the clumsy-daring charm that made them so adorable and the story so intense in the first place. I have confidence that this remake will not be one of them.

Now, whether I'm right to trust Devil'sDad here or just being a naive fool, only time will tell. Either way, I'd suggest we reserve judgment of the rework's value for when we see it.


Also, guys, please don't downvote the guy for his opinion. The remake epidemic on itch VNs is real, and it's not unreasonable to be fed up with so many games you like being on remake hiatus for ages. 

I watched the trailer, and I can't say I see any significant improvement with new vs old, any improvement seems to be marginal at best and only really served to put the game at a complete standstill for over a year.

That is tragic. I can see a very clear improvement. But then again, those were not necessarily the scenes that most needed a makeover.

If you need a reminder, I suggest replaying the early parts of the game, with particular attention to hands. Like in the dream right after the back alley scene, the teacher fondle scene or in the cosplay scene.


As I can see you haven't read any of my patreon post about the remake. The very first reason of it is to make my work on the next updates easier. Since 0.5 and 0.6 took too much time and more than 2k renders each to make. That's why I'm optimizing the game, rewriting and remaking some scenes along the way for the complete look. But I doubt you care about that. And let me remind you that it's a free game that you don't have to do anything to wait for. Besides waiting. But if it's too much for you to do, I'd recommend you to enjoy life somewhere else without stressing about my project that much. I'll do that myself.


Is there any pregnancy fetish?

Not yet

okay thanks also when/what is going to be in the next update?

Next update will be a remake of old scenes, you can read more on my patreon


Got to the Pet Play section... 

"this better not awaken anything in me"

too late, I have seen everything

I want to ask one more thing, I saw some images in MurMur Discord, is it possible to use your models to take images, but if you don't allow it I understand. 💖

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No, I don't share my models. You're free to create fan arts and such though.

Hii.. Hi, I played this game with huge love and excitement. It was so beautiful, and I'm addicted to it. But now, after the scenes with Yui, the game has ended and I'm SO HEARTBROKEN💔 I may would not write if I didn't see your latest message was 4 days ago. Please, is it just me, or you left developing this masterpiece since 2022 😭

I don't wanna leave it✨


Hello, glad you liked the game, yes, sadly last update was a year ago. Currently, next update with remake of the older scenes is in the development, you can read more on my patreon :)

Thank you for replying, at least it's is nice to know the game is still in development. I saw the image you posted about completion status, but it confused me 😵‍💫 But I'll take your word for it. 😇

what's the dd scenes for? just downloaded it and curious


Scenes with my mascot during the game, I'll rename this option later


i hope for more femdom/softdom scenes later down the road, i love seeing women on top of me, if i could, could i request some amazon position and one woman soley just focussed on being a genlte dom? being able o call her mommy and her calling me a good boy and all that would make this 10x better


Okay, now be a good boy and clean your room




Can u send a new discord link the one on the patreon and on the page says it's invalid or expired


Same issue

It's working link, what it says for you?

The link is invalid or expired try using a different link to join the server 


Link is working

ffs my subs have unionised


What's the different between "disappear" and "atone" for the father?
I felt like both of them result in him dead. 

😂 I choose atone, in case Sophie would be sad about the other way. Then she agreed to stay with Helen. But I never get to see them, because after Yui, the game ended. Is it same with you? And it appears this "latest" update was from 2022 😞

It is the same for everyone, it's the end of the current content.

What software did you use for the characters and animation?


Honey Select

When the update came out i need to delete the old version? and download the new version? If i has the old version and i download the new version it automatically update?

You'll have to reinstall it, remember to back up your saves

Game saves are stored here:
PC - %AppData%\Roaming\RenPy\MurMur-#Numbers
Android 10 or older - Android\data\RenPy\MurMur-#Numbers
Android 11 or higher - Android\data\com.dd.murmur\files\saves

how to back up 


same way how you copied your lewd games and stashes them in your homework folder




Copy the main save folder and then move it back once it's been reinstalled.

I'm installing on android but I can't install it, why?

Try to reboot your phone, if it doesn't help, then see if you have enough memory.


What tags and fetishes are apart of this game?


Corruption, Harem, Romance, School setting, Cosplay, Superpowers, PoV, Big tits, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Handjob, Footjob, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Oral sex, Teasing, Female domination, Male domination

lol i feel called out by the start of this game.  xD

Love the game but like why the shinigami gotta do yui like that it was gonna be a happy ending or well for the chapter but still so so sad


when will be the next update ?


When it's ready :)


What a great game can't wait next update!!!

Glad you liked it ^^

Is this updated??


You can see the progress just above the comments

Any tips on getting shinigami bj or sit on face scene?


Have good relationship with her :)

Nice tip xd


The part where it shown devil's doll gave me huge Catherine vibes and I have no clue why but I loved it. Even if it wasn't I tented, I still love the story.

how to get replay "shinigami ride you"?

Scene in the school teacher's office with her, experiment with the points

thank you boss 👍

Can u make Ami be a real girl not just another version please


Ami is real

Good game.

How do you get "shinigami stops a footjob" (1) image?


It's a scene in the teacher's office with her, experiment with the love/lewd points

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HI? This game is so 🔥, btw thank you for making this I hope this game will update, and I will join Patreon as a Angel or a human by given thanks who made this, and can I ask questions? Some of game required to download (full game) the newer version again and some of them just update by lowerr mb (not the full game), sorry for my bad English, what I mean is please just add update lower mb not like others we will download again the newer version and cost so much storage, btw I'm using mobile I hope it's understand. edit: like sample Facebook, Facebook maximums mb(storage) is 200mb, and the update will come it cost just add 20mb not like others if you download  game sample, a game that 2gb and the update will come we will download it again to 2.1gb and that waste of data and storage, hope it understand

AAnd I will wait the update see you in Future

not working on steam deck, any advice?

$ ./
Could not import renpy.bootstrap. Please ensure you decompressed Ren'Py correctly, preserving the directory structure. 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/deck/.config/itch/apps/mur-mur/MurMur-0.6-pc/lib/linux-x86_64/../../", line 198, in <module>
  File "/home/deck/.config/itch/apps/mur-mur/MurMur-0.6-pc/lib/linux-x86_64/../../", line 188, in main
    import renpy.bootstrap
  File "/home/deck/.config/itch/apps/mur-mur/MurMur-0.6-pc/renpy/", line 56, in <module>
    from renpy.compat import *
  File "/home/deck/.config/itch/apps/mur-mur/MurMur-0.6-pc/renpy/compat/", line 59, in <module>
    import future.standard_library
ImportError: No module named future.standard_library

Oof, haven't tried the game on steamdeck and I don't have testers for that either. 

But since Steamdeck is a Linux-based platform, I guess you've downloaded the Linux build of the latest version. That build doesn't work for everyone, so try to download "Compressed" Linux version, at tell me if that worked out for you.


using compressed version works, i could do with workarounds to install future library globally though without guarantee that game will work 100% the same (or it even runs; ive seen game has it shipped but something is off)

When you will release the next scene? I'm fan of your so please keep it up bro!

I update work in progress bar here or on patreon or discoed whenever there is some progressin development, next update won't be soon.

Name of your discord? So that I can join.

Link to the discord is on that page of the game, just above the comment section.

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